Inspired by many pages out there, I’ve put together this page that covers some parts of my setup.


I also use various terminal utilities and CLI tools that I use for scripting and just general shell surfing. Some of them that I want to give a shout-out to, in rapid fire:

  • exa
  • fd
  • fzf
  • htop
  • httpstat
  • moreutils
  • ncdu
  • ripgrep

Check my dotfiles.


  • i3wm: keyboard-driven and tiling window manager.
  • Firefox: I have a privacy-hardened setup with a custom user.js and with the following extensions: ublock Origin
  • Signal Messenger App using signal-cli.
  • newsboat where I follow news sites, blogs and indie sites I love, certain Youtube channels, and changelogs for software I keep track of. I mostly read from the terminal with w3m.
  • mpv: my video player of choice. Keyboard-driven, minimal UI. Also works with yt-dlp to stream youtube videos.
  • pass: password manager.
  • buku: bookmark manager.


  • NextDNS: a privacy-focused, set it and forget it DNS service. I use their security features on my home network and a profile with strict ad-blocking rules on all of my devices.
  • Proton: a reliable, trustworthy email, VPN provider with all of the features you’d expect from such a service.

Curious about other uses pages? Check out